I'm looking for a true happiness :)

Hi Everyone, my name is Lina Paramita, 19 years old, 95 liners...  
Marketing student in Prasetiya Mulya Business School, 

A Dreamer with childish imagination,  an Eater, Very Shy. :)

This blog will tell and share my beauty routine, how i do my makeup, what i'm usually wearing, which product is the best.. is it worth money or not... And tips and trick in daily.

i will keep the post simple and easy to apply in daily,  i hope everyone can keep reading it and support me to keep blogging.  Just like water, i tend to "go with the flow", finding what i can be and enjoy in this uncertain world,  and finally i found a bit of piece in my life that i can enjoy, it is Makeup. It has became my a great source of strength and inspiration for me.

For a reader out there, try and also owe something new for yourself is the best thing in life, keep going and Good luck

Thank You so much...  

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