Thursday, March 19, 2015

How I Shaped and Draw My Eyebrow

Today post is most requested from my friends and colleague, 
which is how i shaped my eyebrow. I never take a makeup course before, i just learnt makeup by watching tons of youtube video and read a beauty article. 

My brow shaped also changed within this past few years, like straight korean style eyebrow to slightly arched eyebrow. i can said that slightly arched eyebrow is definitely the best suited my face shaped. 

i write a step by step how to shaped eyebrow, so take a look :

1. Find what eyebrow shapes you want and suited your face best ! :

Here's a guide to find your perfect eyebrow according to your own face shapes:

2. Measure M.A.G.I.C formula for perfect brow :

it's really easy, just take your eyebrow pencil or eyeliner to make a guide line to shaped the brow you desire. 

-The beginning of the brow goes from the straight from the side of your nose , and make a dot or line after you find the spot. This will make easier to outline the brow.

- The Arch part is start from the outside of your pupil.

- The End or the length of your brow is where you put your pencil sideways from outer nose.

3. Make an Outline ~!

After you dot your face, make a line by connecting the line you make after the measurement. 

4. Start by plucking or waxing the brow hair 

This is the most longest step, because you need extra attention and very careful to not over-plucking your hair.  Just pluck hair on the outside of the outline you make. 

5. Finish~! Fill your Brow.
Fill your brow with your favorite eyebrow product and voila. Perfect Eyebrow are all your :D

Here's My favorite eyebrow pencil :
-Shu Uemura Hard Formula (perfect for beginner and natural brow)
-Anastasia Brow Wiz (perfect for shaped and crisp eyebrow)

Thank for Reading, if you have any question or thought. Feel free to comment :D


  1. Alisnya bagus deeeh~ Coba alisku, panjang, tebal, tak beraturan, hitam bnget pula, mau diatur susah banget gitu, akhirnya selama bertahun tahun aku tutupin pake poni dora LOL


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