Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sydney Recap: Looking Back on my Study Aboard Experience

Hi Everyone 
In this post, i just wanna share some update about my life and my thought during my Study in Sydney for 4 months.

Probably some of you guys are not really interested in my not so fancy life. But sharing is caring, we can't please everyone anyway. 
More importantly, i always felt really blessed and grateful as person that filled and surround with loving family and friends.

It’s gonna be a long post, so get ready for it :P

Celebrate my 20th Birthday

It first started when i decided to applied to studying in UNSW (University of New South Wales Australia) from my home university for only 1 Semester. One semester in here is around 4 months, and I study for only 3 days in one week.  It’s very different if we compare in Indonesia who have more denser schedule. 

At first, I really not interested in this program, I’m just too lazy to adapt in new environment and how everyone around me judge and give negative opinion to this program as a waste of money and not worth.

Funny stories, the one who is more excited about this program is my dad. He kept force me to apply and join the Study Aboard Program. He said that it will be a good experience for me to learn and see people out there, and how I should be grateful of this opportunity that has given to me because there a lot of people out there who want to studying in overseas but can’t because various reason.
In the end, I should really thank him for force me applying this program.

St. Mary Cathedral in Hyde Park
From the first weeks,i experience a lot of new things. Everything seems really fun and excited. New life, New people, New food to try and New place to explore around. With the beautiful scenery and fresh weather which what i really appreciate *because i can't get this environment in Jakarta. 
i really loving this city so much.

Amazing UNSW mall(Walks) from above.

Strangers that bumped into our group selfie 
So far, i have been enjoyed my stayed with my new environment and lifestyle. Breakfast is a really big thing in Australia, they take really seriously to enjoy a good food for breakfast and start the day right ! Having a breakfast and sip a really good coffee everyday is heaven for me. :)

Then, i start the first day of uni. Usually when the beginning of the academic year  started, the university will held an orientation week which is an event that held to orient and welcoming a new student.
The o'week is packed with a lot of people with many booth that filled with student club in UNSW. They also shows many performance and interactive games to the visitor. The atmosphere is really fun and we got a lot of freebies from it. :)


Despite the happy times, there's also a bad times  that occurred. it's my first time leave and stayed in other country and the struggle of an adaptation start to appear.  Because english is not my first language, the communication process is obstructed and it's really hard to speak my mind fluently. The language barrier affect a lot during my studies.

I also experience a stress from cultural shock, i get really emotional and hard to adapt in competitive and high individualist environment. There's a time i really want to going back to Jakarta, i kept counting days to my departure to leave this country. *lol
i'm in the state of crucially homesick.

Amazing UNSW mall(Walks) from above.
There's many differences in teaching system in Australia. The student in Australia is more active when answering the question and give their opinion freely. In addition, they also more critical when arguing their opinion. On the other side,student in my country is more passive and shy to give their opinion. 

In addition, the lectures also expect the student have to be very critical when thinking. Every statement that we stated have to based on theory, facts, and we have to responsible for our opinions.


Beach near Port Stephen

Strolling around Bondi Beach

i realized the culture that applied in a country affect how their society behavior and how they react in the environment. Because of the significant cultural differences, especially in a very individualist country, it makes me hard to accept my current situation. it's really a huge challenge that i ever experiences. Moreover, i don't prepare myself well with lot of information beforehand which led a frustration.

My everyday view, a beautiful sunset from my dorm window. 

Rainbow on the way back home :)
But, i learnt to develop myself to act and adapt in "uncomfortable" environment and become an independent person.
it's also taught me to be confident to express myself and taught me to clearly describe what i want to achieve in life.
i found that when i'm alone,i pondering a lot of things, especially about how we as a human to lived and survive.
Everyone have a different perspective and view about happiness.

"It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change."


In the end, i believe i made the best decision in my life choosing to study aboard and i experience valuable experiences that shaped me a better and mature person. 
it also shaped my personality and broader my view toward this world because of many differences and diversity that we have. My perspective is also changed a lot. If i can say, i completely reborn as a new person. 
i may sound exaggerating, but i completely feel the difference in the pattern of how i see things.  

Trip from Blue Mountain

All this things that is hard at the beginning will a lot easier in the end.

i can't wait to another journey that awaits me in the future :D. i wish in the future, i was given another opportunities to develop myself and start a new adventure in my life. 

Beautiful Sunset from Above when headed back to Jakarta :)
Thanks for giving your time to read a piece of my life and have a nice journey everyone :)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

How I Shaped and Draw My Eyebrow

Today post is most requested from my friends and colleague, 
which is how i shaped my eyebrow. I never take a makeup course before, i just learnt makeup by watching tons of youtube video and read a beauty article. 

My brow shaped also changed within this past few years, like straight korean style eyebrow to slightly arched eyebrow. i can said that slightly arched eyebrow is definitely the best suited my face shaped. 

i write a step by step how to shaped eyebrow, so take a look :

1. Find what eyebrow shapes you want and suited your face best ! :

Here's a guide to find your perfect eyebrow according to your own face shapes:

2. Measure M.A.G.I.C formula for perfect brow :

it's really easy, just take your eyebrow pencil or eyeliner to make a guide line to shaped the brow you desire. 

-The beginning of the brow goes from the straight from the side of your nose , and make a dot or line after you find the spot. This will make easier to outline the brow.

- The Arch part is start from the outside of your pupil.

- The End or the length of your brow is where you put your pencil sideways from outer nose.

3. Make an Outline ~!

After you dot your face, make a line by connecting the line you make after the measurement. 

4. Start by plucking or waxing the brow hair 

This is the most longest step, because you need extra attention and very careful to not over-plucking your hair.  Just pluck hair on the outside of the outline you make. 

5. Finish~! Fill your Brow.
Fill your brow with your favorite eyebrow product and voila. Perfect Eyebrow are all your :D

Here's My favorite eyebrow pencil :
-Shu Uemura Hard Formula (perfect for beginner and natural brow)
-Anastasia Brow Wiz (perfect for shaped and crisp eyebrow)

Thank for Reading, if you have any question or thought. Feel free to comment :D