Monday, December 29, 2014

Naked 2 by Urban Decay (Overview)

An overview of world most favorite eyeshadow palette, i'm sure all of you have known that famous UD eyeshadow especially a beauty junkie. A neutral shadow that can be wear daily or in a special occasion.  

i'm not really an eyeshadow girl, i rarely wear it. The reason i rarely using eyeshadow because i have a monolids eyes, so it doesn't look really good if we compare with double eyelids people. i have to put a really high and thick to make it visible when i'm open my eyes. So, an eyeshadow palette is my least favorite product in my makeup collection. 

Anyway, i realized i should invest a good neutral eyeshadow in my collection and i get really bored with the color on my too faced palette. So.. i know i'm a bit late for this craze, but better late that never right ? :D

For those of you who haven't know about this palette or just want to see the product and get to know more about it. Here's a picture of the product that i took when i first bought this eyeshadow palette. 

The Front of the box,

The box itself is quite thick, around 2.5 cm ? despite the actual palette is really thin and sleek. 

The Back of the box

An explanation of the product, 


Here's the product :

The side,

Shine Bright Baby~~ 

Freshly pressed eyeshadow :*


The palette contain an Primer Potion Eye-primer sample that really well known too. 

Here's the front and the back of the sample that contain an information of the importance of using eye-primer.  

 They will give you 4 sample for each eye primer, quite generous right ? :D

Each sample last me a really long time, so it's value for the money. 

That's it ! 
i hope you enjoy the post and not get bored 

 Thank You For Visiting My Blog ^^


  1. Wooow~ it looks so gorgeous~ congrats, finally you get it~~ :D

  2. Aku beli yang naked 3, tapi yappari~ aku gak suka warna2 nude jadi ya aku jual aja sebelum buka lol aku lebih suka warna2 gonjreng sih ya, si electricnya urban decay jadi sasaran banget waktu itu, warna2nya cuantiiiik~

    Berasa buang duit, udah tau gak suka warna2 begitu, masih aja di beli wakakakakak~

    BTW lama tak main ke tempatmu~ rindu sekali aku #kisulebay

  3. aku juga punya nomor 2!!!! pengen punya semuanyaaaaa haha nice blog positng > <
    check info kecantikan korea


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