Tuesday, December 23, 2014

My Top 10 Holy Grail Beauty Product

Hi Everyone , sorry for the lack update for this past few months. 
College life is getting tougher and my life have been busy lately with a lot of assignment and project. :( 

Today post is about :

"My TOP 10 Holy Grail Beauty Product"

YES..!! My HG Product that i can't live without and worth every penny you spent. The product i list below is works amazing for me and always satisfied me, but i can't guarantee that the product will works just like it did for me. Anyway it's totally worth to try, maybe it will works for you and became one of your HG products too :) 

Good product isn't always have to be expensive, even a drugstore product have a great quality if we compare with a high end product with super high price too. So basically you will find an affordable product in my list because i'm not that rich to have a money to spend with super expensive product.

PS : Get Ready for a long post :P 

Here's the list :

1. Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner. 

Hands Down, this is the best Eyeliner i have tried in ma life~! i have tried a numerous amount of eyeliner out there. Because i'm an eyeliner freak, I already tried a bunch of eyeliner such as korean , japanese eyeliner and even high end one. But i always went back with this babies <3

Definitely repurchase this for the rest of my life until i found a product that beat my babies ^^. This is already my 3 bottle of eyeliner since i purchase the eyeliner.  
When it comes to eyeliner, i really like a liquid than pencil or gel type. i think it works faster and suit my eye shape the best. 

What i love about this is because it doesn't smudge on me through the day , super black and not to forget the price is very cheap!

Nothing perfect in this world right ? i do have what i dislike about this product. The eyeliner does fade a little and flaky if you rub it. 
This eyeliner is have a finish formula, so for those of you who didn't like a glossy finish in their eyeliner, this might be not for you. But sure it worth every penny.

2. Shu Uemura Hard Formula Eyebrow Pencil

Natural and Gorgeous eyebrow ? This pencil will definitely give you the look. :) it has become my go to eyebrow saver. The pencil itself is really unique because it will works after it interacts with the oils in the brow hairs. So, if you rub into your hand there's nothing happen. :) That's why i never worried the application is too thick.

The staying power is very long lasting even in the humid place (a.k.a Jakarta) and smudge proof. This product is really well known in beauty guru and it is one of the best seller product of shu uemura. The shape of the pencil is very unique too if we compare with eyebrow pencil out there. i never realized a good eyebrow product will change your whole look. 
Give it a tried guys ! :D

3. YSL Rouge Volupte Shine #14 (Corail in Touch)

The most creamy and pigment lipstick! This lipstick is very smooth when applied and the packaging is very elegant. i never thought that i will really love this product. The orange color really makes my face brighter and suit my lips. 
Probably my MLBB (My Lips But Better) product. Totally love it!

4. Peripera Water Lip Tint (#1 Cherry Juice)

i can't say this is a great product for lips, but it does a great product for blush!
The color does really pigmented but it will quickly went off. i have to re applied it after few hours and after i eat or drink. 
Because this is a 2 in 1 product which is can be used for lips and blush, i completely fell in love when i'm using this for blush.

it's give you a natural rosy flush in your cheek!  The staying power is much longer than if we using it for lips. 

A little goes long a way, i can said that i using this almost everyday in daily basis and i the product is still a lot ! Not to forget the price is really cheap too :D 
A good steal for benefit famous lip tint, Benetint. :P

5. IOPE Air Cushion

BB Cushion is the most innovative product for 2014, i can said that the idea of bb cream in a cushion form is genius. it really a time saver in my morning routine. IOPE is the most popular BB cushion among the other brand, i can understand why this product is really popular in Korea. Because i can say that i totally love it..! 

The coverage is medium which is perfect for me :), and it's really moisturize your face and give a glowy, healthy effect. 

Definitely recommend this product..!  

6. Naked Palette

Do i have to say more for this palette ?

Every girl should have this gorgeous and neutral eyeshadow .. :) 
Investing this eyeshadow to your Makeup Collection is totally worth every penny.. !

Mine is Naked 2, i can make natural to smoky looks with this babies and the color is super pigmented 

it just ah-ma-zing :D 

7. The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter

i'm rarely use a highlighter in my daily makeup routine, but ever since i bought this product, it became one of my favorite highlighter! it's really fun to put a makeup that can give you a glowy effect on cheek bone or brow bone. 

The color of this highlighter is soft, shimmering champagne shade with gold notes, and a bit glittery (*in a good way)

If i'm not feeling well or my face just look really tired next morning, this is a perfect one to really brightener your face 

i'm sure this product will last really long time, the balm is very generous in their product and quality of their product is really good. So, a little goes long away. 

8. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer 

Just like it name, this concealer is super creamy and the coverage is really good. i can use it for under eye, blemishes and it doesn't crack or make dry patches on my skin. 

Using a concealer is really make a huge difference.. ! Now i understand why everyone can't live without this! :D

9. Maybelline Rocket Mascara
Not really a big fan of eyelashes, But sure if i have to pick which one my favorite mascara. This Maybelline Rocket Mascara sure is my HG for the moment, i have reviewed in my previous post. Please check it out :D

it's really length my lashes and doesn't clump, the best thing is this one is smudge proof !

Perfect for everyday look !

10. Make Up For Ever HD Foundation 

If i need more coverage, i usually pick this foundation for my makeup routine. it's oil-free, HD-Free and doesn't feel heavy on my skin. 

At first you might think the foundation doesn't really have a good coverage, but once you build and keep blending, it give you an air brushes look ! 

The good thing is this is HD Foundation, which mean doesn't leave a white cast when you photograph your face.

Worth it !

That's the end of my post,
Sure is a really long post :P, hope you didn't get bored reading it :D

Thank You !


  1. Nice reviews!
    thanks for sharing!
    i love ysl rouge lipstick. My favorite lipstick of all time!

  2. Peripera tuh katanya mother of water lip tint XDD Pingin cobain tapi beli di indo susah bener yang jualan ya T^T



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