Thursday, October 2, 2014

3CE Lip Lacquer in BON BON : Review

Hi~ i'm back with a review of lip product.
this time i'm reviewing a famous 3CE Makeup from STYLENANDA line. 
Probably a Hot Brand in Korea right now. 

i got my in 

it's a nude coral lip color with a matte finish.  i heard this color is the best seller of the 3CE Lip Lacquer. So i got a lil bit curious and decide to try this out. 

The Sides of the Box

The Size of is product is quite small, it perfectly fit into my makeup pouch. The packaging it self have a chic and classic feeling. idk, maybe it just me :P

There cap have some rubber on it, so when you open it, it will easily pop up and separate the wand and the bottle. i also like the matte packaging of this product. ^^

The angled wand for easy application. Plus point~! 

It has a Pointy wand, and the amount of product is distribute really well and enough to color my lips 

Swatches on my hand :
So Here's my Thought about this Product :

Because this is a matte product, make sure to use A LOT of lip balm before using this lip lacquer. If you have chapped lips, better to exfoliate 
i realized that the color pay off is really amazing, just one swipe is enough to make to color really pop-up. As we know that almost all the 3CE lip product have a great pigmentation. 
So, no wonder why :)

What i like is that there is ZERO scent of this product, i'm quite sensitive when it comes to scented lip product except the smell is really good for my liking :P 

The color itself looks quite similar like the model wearing, 

So, do i like this product? 

idk, i have a love-hate about this product, i like the pigmentation and the packaging. But, because the color is a nude coral shade, i can't really pull off the color. 
When i'm wearing this, it looks like i'm sick. lol.
There's a time i really like the color and there's some time i really hate that i makes me look like a sick person. i'm really confused  XD

As it's a matte product, the possibility of cracked lips and visible lip line is very high. i experienced both of this problem when wearing this product, even thought i already put a lot of lip balm before hand it still very dry and powdery. 
Yups... it's really powdery, i can feel a powder when i slowly rub my lips with my hand and the color will melt off. So i can say that the staying powder is not really nice. 

There's a time i want to touch up, but it turn out really odd and uneven. Really unpleasant to looking my own lips. So, if you want to use this lip product for a second time, you have to wipe off the remain product from your lips or you will have a uneven application on your lips. 

So in my conclusion, for those of you who really like the color, you have to endure not to eating or touching your lips to make the color more last long. 

Here's a picture of me using 3CE Bon Bon :

That's the end of the post :D
What do you guys think about me wearing 3CE Bon Bon?

Thanks for Reading :


  1. LOL! Aku juga gak terlalu suka warna2 begini, karena pakai yang beginian sama aja gak keliatan lagi pakai pewarna XD; tapi anakku tau kalau pakai, jadi dia gak mau dicium XD so, mendingan aku pakai yang berwarna sekalian, toh parel tetep gak mau dicium #headdesk

    1. iyaaaa bener bangetttt.... malah jadinya kayak orang sakit :P
      hihi pinter banget ya dia... dia tau mami nya lgi pake lipstick :D

  2. lovely review!
    you look really pretty + I really love the colour of the lip lacquer~
    btw, I'd like to invite you to my giveaway where you could win $90 worth of korean cosmetics!
    I hope you'll check it out & join~
    xx Charmaine

    Charrmyn || Kara Youngji Day&Night Makeup Tutorial || Korean Cosmetics Giveaway

  3. salah satu alasan kenapa gak suka pake lipstick matte
    bibirku jadi keliatan kering banget


  4. ahh bagusss.. aku suka warna coral!!
    hihihi aku inget kamu lah! semoga bisa ketemu di lain waktu yaa..
    udah aku follow balik, thanks dede cantik ;p

  5. The shade looks great on you, it's not as bad as you think :)
    Btw, I've followed you back.
    Let's keep in touch!


  6. I like the colour, it's a very charming shade!!

    恵美より ♥

  7. Love your blog! I just followed you on GFC and Bloglovin, would you please follow me back? :)

    Michaella from


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