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Innisfree Creamy Tint Lip Mousse #3 (Scented Fresh Coral) : Review

Hi Lovelies~
So after a long time i came back with a review about:

Innisfree's Creamy Tint Lip Mousse #3

it's became my favorite items for my daily essential, curious? 
Stay Tune~! :D

 Let's take a look a the packaging should we ? :)
i have been loving innisfree product since forever, i really like the eco friendly packaging and the natural ingredients that each product contain. As usual, Innisfree keep the packaging simple and clean. 

Some Description on the side of the box that makes this product special

Eco-Friendly, Huh? :P

i got shade #3, Scented Fresh Coral 

Talking about scent, this lip product have a sweet-lemon scent, it just like eating a candy ^^

The size of is this product is very generous also the product is cheap too~! 
Very Worth every penny of Money <3.<3

The Applicator is a wand type that make it easy to apply, The white cap is a matte, if you are not really careful, the cap will get really easy to dirty when you using this liptint. But don't worry, you can easily wipe it off with wet tissue to remove the color. 

The texture is reallyyyyyy creamyy......
it's quite thick to my liking. 

This product is named as a "lip tint", but i didn't feel that it give me a tint in my lips.
With the very creamy texture, can we say that this is a lip cream instead of lip tint? 
the product remind me of NYX Lip Cream.

Swatch on my  hand
Innisfree Creamy Tint Lip Mousse claims the color of this lip product is very vivid, it's really true though. The color is very pigmented. A little goes long a way. 
i'm just dab a little on my lips and blend with my finger to even out the color. 

Btw, this lip product is a matte product, it will dry for a couple minute after you applied it. So, don't forget to moisturize or exfoliate your lips before using this product cause it can sink into your lip line. But this product is not really dry if we compare with other product with a matte finish. Quite hydrating :)
For me, i like to using a lot of lip balm then directly put a little amount of product then blend with a finger. The results is a moisturize lips with a little bit glossy. 

Voila~ Gorgeous lips is ready to go!!

Because of the bright color, it really brightening my face and make me look fresh. 
i think this shade is really suitable for a cool skin tone. So for those of you who have a warm skin tone, you may find this shade is very bright and makes your skin dull. 
So, personally i think this shade is not for all skintone.

One thing i didn't like about this product is the tube is really easy to leak and get messy, quite waste on some product right? At first the tube is still very clean, but i didn't know why when i open it for a second time i found out that the tube is run out of the product >.<

So here's my thought about this product :

What i like :
- Crazy Pigmentation
- Cheap, worth the money with the size of this product
- The Color is super gorgeous and bright~!
- The scent is very sweet :)
- Long lasting, without eating. But if you are eating, the color will came off. 

What i dislike :
- Can Sink into lip line, makes sure to moisturize the lips
- The cap of the packaging easy to get dirty
- Top of the tube can leak and waste the product 

Review will never completed with a picture on lips right ? So here's some of my picture using this Innisfree Creamy tint lip Mousse :D

Thanks for Reading ^^,

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