Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How i dye my roots at home with drugstore hair dye :) Review: L'Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion (6.35)

Hi Everyone,
it's been a long time didn't update, so today i'm back with hair update :)
So it's been 3 months since the first time i dye my hair, if you haven't read it yet, you can read it: here ^^ 

My natural hair has been growing and black roots are showing up on the top of my hair, it looks ugly. Actually in my case,  the black roots is not really visible because i have a bangs so it minimize the black roots to show really clearly in my hair line.  

And i thought this is the right time to touch up my hair, i'm doing some research and finally found something easy and interesting to tried out. 

First of all, let me show you my hair before the dye : 

Super Ugly Roots :( 

For touch up my roots, i'm using a drugstore hair dye which you can find it in your drugstore or supermarket. In here i'm using L'Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion in 6.35 (Intense Cooper Brown) 
Which is same color when i'm dye my hair in salon. 

I think L'Oreal Excellence Fashion is only available in Asia only

 Some Instruction and Information in both side of Box 

Inside the Box 

The Box contains : Serum, Color, Developer and Conditioner, Comb for easy application and Gloves.
Each product contains a sequence number to follow

A Gloves inside the instruction. 

You can watch the video below how to dye the roots, one of my favorite beauty Youtube Guru : StyleSuzi. ^^ 
i did the same way like she teach how she color her hair. In the video she using a Light Ash Blonde color which will make your hair brown without bleaching it out for a super dark asian hair.
i can't find it in my local drugstore and luckily my hair is not really dark and success in one try :)

During the dye progress, i recommend you to use a tank top or old t-shirt because once it stain on your shirt, it will forever stain. 

Here's my picture after i dyed my hair, quite satisfied with results ^^:

i'm sorry for the bad picture or how lame i can even divide my hair neatly, i'm using my phone to take a picture so it's really hard to control the amount of my hair plus clicking on camera shutter.
And i leave my SLR Camera on my home :( 
i'm planning to buy some tripod to, so i can take a lot of picture and give a better post and picture on my blog. :)

Anyway, this is my thought about 
L'Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion 
(6.35) Intense Cooper Brown

What i like : 
As you can see the picture above, my roots is quite perfectly covered ^^ no more ugly black roots :D
But some part of my hair is not really covered due lack of application :( After all,  L'Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion did the job to covered my roots. 

One more thing i like about this dye is, it really leave my hair super smooth after i wash my hair and didn't leave my hair super dry. Major Love :)

What i don't like :
Some of you may find this quite hard to use if we compare the bubble hair dye. But the color will last more than bubble hair dye. If you didn't apply it evenly, the color will look quite uneven. 

i Choose the 6.35 color, which is same color with my previous hair color i dye in salon, but i found that the hair dye is more darker if i compare on my previous hair color. i don't really mind because it's not very visible, if it didn't match the rest of my hair i probably gonna cry hard. Lol 

If you read my previous post, i already said that i'm very sensitive with scent of product. So i think this hair dye smell quite strong and i really can't stand with the smell X.X But quite bearable.

 That's all~! Hope you enjoying the post 
Thank You for Reading !


  1. Hi love! Loved your detailed review! Sigh my roots are growing back too but i'm soooo used to bubble dye!!!!! followed you on GFC, would love it if you could follow back!!! I'm currently hosting the World's Easiest Giveaway (literally 1-step Giveaway) on my blog so if you have time please hop on and join in! Mwah!!

    xoxo, Mango ❤
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    1. Thank you for dropped by mangooo ^^
      really love your blog and i followed you in GFC, hope we can keep in touch in the future :D
      ps : i'm joining your giveaway too :)

    2. Thanks so much Lina! I see your Youtube subbie and your comment, you're the sweetest thanks for joining my giveaway!!!!! love you!!

  2. HYAAA! Pingin punya warna rambut kayak kamyuuuh~ U____U

    Tapi gak berani mewarnai sendiri, gak berani ke salon, intinya mah gak berani ngewarnain rambut XDD;;; #ditampar XD


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