Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Laneige Water Bank Essence : Review

Hi Everyone, 
i'm so into skincare lately, that's why i'm gonna review on of my skincare product which is :

"Laneige Water Bank Essence"

i think my post is a little bit late because this product is already in the market quite long and it has became one of the best seller product from Laneige. 
Better late than never right. :)

What it claim :

"Twice stronger 24-hour moisturization keeps skin from dryness and dullness and ample moisture from Natural Moisturizing Factors smoothes and energizes rough skin. Mineral Water in Water Bank regenerates the skin and fills inside the skin with ample moisture."

i noticed there is a change in the packaging from the first generation Laneige Water Bank Essence, the new packaging is more rounder with a sleek pump. No subtle change from the previous packaging.

The product comes with a pump, which i really like because i can control an amount of the product and the hygiene factor of the product.

The Essence came up with a gel type with a creamy and milky texture, i used 3-4 pumps for my whole face. Some people only use 2-3 pumps for their face and neck, but i like use it more to moisturizer my skin. That's why the product run-out fast, i already using it for around 1,5 months and the product is half empty.

i usually apply it after i wash my face to balance out pH balance then move to the next skin care, the essence really absorb quickly to my skin and moist my face, it's very light-weight on skin. The scent of the product is not really barely smell, it has an aqua smell like and quite refreshing. For those of you who doesn't like a scent on their product, this maybe works and suit to you. :)

They claim it will give a 24 hours moisturization on skin, i think it's quite over-promising because it doesn't give an all day moisturizing. It does moisturizing but doesn't give any benefits instead of moist. 

Overall : 
           i'm not really satisfied with the product, i thought it will give me a moist and clear skin after using for a couple months. But the product itself gives nothing instead of moist. 
             i'm not planning to repurchase it, considering the price not really worth for me because i like to use a lot of essence and it really run-out fast. 
             The product come with a pump which is a plus and very handy but maybe not travel friendly because it's quite heavy and the packaging is made of glass. 

That's the end of the post,
Hope it help for you
   Thank You so Much for Reading ^^


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