Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution REVIEW

Skincare is one of the most important things to take care beside of Makeup, it's true that makeup can correct our imperfection, but... it doesn't last long. Remember, an instant way wouldn't last longer. 

"Your skin reflects your overall health" 

That's why, i started to take care of my skin and investing more on skincare. The less you need to cover, the less you need makeup. 
i do have a period when i have many blemishes started to grow and it leave an ugly dark spot that really annoyed me. -.-

Let me introduce you, my "Holy Grail" skincare that can rid off the dark spot away, i have read a few review and leave a mixed feeling about this product. Some said that it worked to her, some not. 
For me, it work really well to correct my dark spot effectively. 

Their Description:
Kiehl's Clearly Corrective™ Dark Spot Solution is a fast-acting serum that evens skin tone and diminishes dark spots to impart overall radiance and luminosity to the skin:

• In as little as 2 weeks, 55% of women clinically demonstrated a significant reduction in dark spot intensity.

• In 4 weeks, 69% of women clinically demonstrated a continued reduction in dark spots intensity and 73% of women showed a significant reduction in acne scarring. Reduction in other skin discolorations was clinically evident among 69% of women. 

• In 8 weeks, 87% of women clinically demonstrated more uniform skin tone to deliver breakthrough clarity.

• With continued daily usage, Clearly Corrective helps to prevent the formation of future dark spots and other skin discolorations.

No Silicones. No Parabens. No Fragrance.
No Colorants. No Optical Diffusers.

it came with a Squeeze and transparent glass tube, no need to worry the products will break when you travel because the glass is quite thick. I really love the packaging, even it's not very unique about the packaging but it have a expensive feeling on it. Not forget to mention the price of this product, it's worth anyway. 

You just need a little amount of it for all the face. The instruction said 2 drops and divide it into 5 dot all over the face. But i used one drop each in the dark spot area to make it more focus to correct my skintone. 

i'm already used 3/4 of the products since 3-4 months ago and it really goes long way to empty this product. i used this products day and night everyday for my skincare routine. 

Here's my skincare steps :

Toner > Essence > Kiehl's > Moisturizer > Face Oil.

The Consistency is very runny just like serum. At first, it's a little sticky but,  It absorb really well just like water in a minute. This product have a Calming Scent, because the key ingredients is Peony Extract and White Brich Extract. No wonder it smell so nice and nature. 

- It's really fade my dark spot ! 
- i don't really think it correct my skin tone because i didn't notice any difference. 
- The Scent is really nice and have a calming effect.
- Some may not find any difference when using this product, i didn't guarantee this product will suit to     your skin. It works for me but maybe some find this product is not works for them. Every skin is    difference for their own goods. 
- Quiet pricey, but it's really goes long a way because you just need a little bit product for entire face. 

Repurchase : Definitely YES ! 



  1. setuju sama pendapatmu soal sesuatu yang instan gak akan bertahan lama :p
    anyway, nice post! :))
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    1. iyaaa.. makanya harus ulet banget nih...
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    1. iya bagus banget di aku....
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    1. yes, it's awesome~!
      your welcome dear~! :*

  4. Aww that's good for you this product really lives up to the promises. I got break out a little when I used this and it didn't fade my dark spots at all :| On the other hand, my mom loves it so much, she use it religiously every night.


    1. That's why this product may not suitable for everyone, some love it and hate it :)
      thank you for visiting my blog :)

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  6. Nice review, I know Kiehl's well, it's a very good brand. I think this product will work also on my skin :)


    1. it works amazing on me, you should try it dear :)
      thank you for visiting ^^

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  9. Halo Lina, salam kenal yah :).
    Boleh tau berapa ya harga kiehls yang ini di counter? Aku mau usir juga nih ada dark spots, sedihnya.. oiya aku pakai SKII untuk skin care sehari2 (most of them), kalo di mix sama kiehls ini bisa nggak yah? Thanks :)

    1. Hi Radila ^^
      ak beli di counter harga nya Rp 650.000,-
      aku juga pake FTE ny SK-II, boleh di mix kok... pertama pakai FTE dulu baru pake kiehl's ini,

      hope it works for you too ^^

  10. nice review! anyway salam kenal, mind to follow each other? :)


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