Friday, July 18, 2014

What to do when you are in airport. #RandomPost

Hi Everyone.... 
Finally holiday is cominggggg~~~~
i'm so damn happy right now as i write this post, 
that's because today i'm back to my hometown today.... ^^ YEAH~~

Guess what i'm doing right now??
i'm waiting in Starbucks, sip my favorite Asian Dolce Latte, listen my favorite music, chill and relax... Such a precious time that i rarely enjoy... lol

But.... the bad news is... i'm waiting the flight "Alone". Hiks... 
i really hate to waiting, especially when you have no friend to chat around or playing with you. 
and i just finally get a silly idea to write a post about what i'm doing in airport when you traveled alone and got nothing to do,

But first... #LemmeTakeASelfie... 

Here's i shared you what i'm really do when i'm bored :

if i'm bored i just take a hundred, a thousand, a milion selfie ~!
Try a silly face instead of pretty pretty face >.< because making cute face, super pretty face is to mainstream. Try a silly or weird face, and then look your picture, you will realized it's so chessy and you will giggle like crazy. lol At least you can laugh or kill some time when waiting to be Check-in. 

Second, People Watching.

i know it's a bad habit to watching people without a permission, but actually i'm an observer person, i like to watch people. 

Because i'm so into makeup, when i'm first talking to people i will scanning their faces. 
i will admire how long their lashes, their brow, eyes, etc. 
lol. weird habit right? 

it's a fun activity to see how people do and get busy with their work, i like doing it with my friends sometimes. When we are shopping or just walking in the Mall or else, and we see something "unique" aka weird. we're just looking at each other eyes and laughing at each other without saying a word. 

PS: when watching people, don't so obvious showing that you're looking at him/her. You don't want ended like a pervert or stalker. Just act naturally. Hahaha

Third, Free Library

In the airport, there must be a bookstore that sell many interesting books and magazine. i really enjoy reading, usually when i'm alone i just went to the book store. It's Free! , and such an effective way to kill some time. 

i will go to Magazine Corner and search a magazine that didn't have a seal on and start to reading it. It's really a common thing the book store in airport will offer many foreign book, so i really enjoy being there. Many interesting stuff i find in there, i will go straight to fashion magazine section and start to flip the pages. i can read 5-6 magazine when in bookstore with zero budget. Hahaha

Fourth , SLEEP~!
Easy and fast way ... >.< 

That's it, there so much thing to do when you're bored especially in airport. 
Thanks for reading :) 

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