Friday, July 4, 2014

Miranda Kerr Fashion Inspired Look :)

Hi Everyone, Finally i have a time to blogging and write a post. I'm in the middle of Exam, i'm sooooo tired because i really hate to study especially if i have to face number like Accounting. 
i'm so damn hate accounting! Even i tried to like it or study it with all my heart i never ever get used to like it.. Geez.. Just hired an accountant and let they do the job. 
lol. Silly Me.

Today post is quite different from the previous post, it's about fashion ~~~ :)

Because of the exam, i rarely go to shopping in the weekend or just chill out with friends, too much paper i have to get done. :')
Thanks to Technology and internet who make everything so much easier, i can shop and search everything i want. Thanks to people out there who have such an amazing brain that make our living so much easier, i just can't imagine if i live in 50' or else. Must be bored to death. 
Haha...I'm so "Lebay"~~ 

Okay~~ Back to topic, you might tired reading all my silly stories. So a few days ago, i just stressed of studying. Accidentally, i browse in one of trusted online shop, it's Zalora
In the home page, i see a picture of further markdown of Mango up to 50 % , without thinking i'm just click it. Girls really can't hold if there a sale , especially their favorite Brand. 

Easy and simple miranda kerr look

When i browse all the top, i suddenly remember Miranda Kerr as a brand ambassador of Mango. Then, i have an idea to make a post about her fashion featuring Mango Wardrobe. 

We have know that Miranda is such a beautiful angel with pretty face and amazing body, not to mention a good sense of fashion she have too :)
i'm always get excited when i watched Victoria Secret Fashion Show and can't stop envying and staring at their Perfect Abs, Long Legs, Tight Butt.. OMG.. When i can have the body just like they.. Huff.. i wish~~ 

So here i create a look inspired by her, just a simple white over sized shirt paired it with short and comfy outer.

Instead of the black boring boots, i choose flattering red Flat. Red is always the best !

To get the makeup looks, as we're gonna wear sunglasses, we just need to focus on the lips and blush. So, use a red lipstick and soft pink blush to grab more attention to your lips. Such a perfect match with our Red Flat :)

Put your Makeup in Cute Saffiano mini bag by Mango, Beige color is always the best to make everything balance. No need a big heavy bag , a little bag that fit everything we need is just perfect!
Now we are done with Miranda Kerr inspired look. Enjoy :)

Thank You :) 

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  1. Love the heels dear :D



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