Tuesday, July 8, 2014

HOW TO : Korean See Through Bangs

Hi Everyoneee.....

i'm back~! 
Lately i'm so into bangs anyway especially see through bangs , that why i make this post to tell you more about what is "see through" bangs. 

Bangs is good to cover up your forehead and make your face smaller. I don't have a problem with forehead, but i just admit that my face is so long than average people. =.= 
That why bangs help to minimize the size of my face by covering my face to make it more smaller. 

Actually my post is quite late, because see through bangs is not really hype right now comparing from the first it introduce and many female Celebrities  style their hair bangs like this. 

Here's how it looks like : 

*Sigh* Why all of them so pretty.... <3
They really rocking the bangs and bring the bangs to the next level..!!!

The first reason why i'm so into "see through bangs lately" is because of SNSD Taeyeon using this hairstyle for their Comeback in Mr Mr. i think this hairstyle give you a feminine yet cute looks. 

But... i'm just not dare to cut my bangs, it takes a really long time to grow it :( 
Anyway, all of the hairstyle the celebrities style, SNSD Tiffany catch my attention the most with her bangs. I have always wonder why she can have a two bangs in the same time which is Side Bangs and See Through Bangs. 

And... Finally when i'm google it, i found the ANSWER~!! which is a see through bangs.
Basically, See Through Bangs mainly cut little bit of your hair to give a "see through effect" and cut the rest into an oval shape to frame and give a more natural effect to the face.

For more detailed, you can watch the video i found in Youtube :

For me Cutting Bangs is a serious matter, bangs will completely change the whole look, a bad and ugly bangs is a big NO and disaster for every girl in the world~

a few hours ago, i just cut my see through bangs ... Tee-Hee... :P
The results turn out very well, i like my new bangs, but i cut it too short  :').
I'm not a professional but i dare myself to cut my bangs by my ownself, i found the tutorial quiet easy to try. Even the results is not just like i expected, i can still managed my bangs by making it side swept (8:2) without looking weird. Anyway, even i cut it too short, the see through bangs is very wearable. ^^
i will soon update picture of my hair :)


i have promised that i will show you my bangs, it's already a few weeks after i cut my bangs. It started to grow longer and very wearable...~!
 i never regret the decision i made for cut my bangs ^^

Here's my unlimited selfie :

on the left one, you can see the short bangs when i lift up my bangs, it cover up really perfectly <3.

Thanks for Reading~!


  1. Cute bangs there, love 'em! I'm thinking about cutting mine too after those huge efforts growing such long bangs (i feel you), i think this see through bangs will be perfect as i can do side swept with it too :)


    1. hahahaha i finally decide to stick with front bangs, very easy to maintain :)
      just visiting your blog and check out your instagram ^^
      finally cut your fringe right ? :P it's suit you anyway :D
      thank you for visitng my blog

    2. thanks ;) bangs are irresistable. Checked out and followed you on instagram and gfc. Mind for follow back? cheers <3

  2. i have a wide forehead T_T do u think this see through bangs will suits me well?

    1. sure~~ the bangs will make your forehead less wide... i see a lot of actress with a wide forehead cut her bangs to make it less visible.. ^^

  3. does it suit me if my forehead not wide?

  4. hi ~ i'm looking for the tutorial how to cut my bangs like tiffany or koreans nowadays. can I get the link that you found on youtube ? thx ^^

  5. Yep, the youtube link is not working anymore :(

    1. thank you for inform me...
      i think the video has been removed...
      i already fixed it up by adding another video.. enjoy! :D

  6. What if I have a full bangs but I want a see through bangs.. lol��

  7. i have a long and wide forehead, would this look suit me?


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