Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Baby Face Mist : Power Hyaluronic Acid Review

Hi everyone~! 
Today is President Election 2014, have everyone vote ? Hope the result turn out well and Indonesia can have a leader who can make Indonesia better in the future. Voting nowdays is very interesting and fun because there so much discount especially food and beverage by simply showing your finger that has been ink. 

Today review is about facial mist , my sis bought it from Korea. The product called "Baby Face Mist" in Power Hyaluronic Acid. 

 What they Claim  :

Aritaum Baby face Mist - Power Hyaluronic Acid 120ml

    - This item fills skin with the more advanced skin care effect of baby face mist
    - Patented Nano Hyaluronic Acid plumper which gathers 10 times moisture more than it is.
    - Makes your skin moist for a long time with Patented Nano Hyaluronic Acid plumper
    - This item makes your skin temperature down as soon as you spray it !

1. Water shining secret delivered by Power Hyaluronic Acid
     It helps to make your skin moist fully since Hyaluronic Acid gathering moisture is included in it.

2. Soothing secret made in Aloe Vera content.
    It softly soothes sensitive skin stimulated by external environment due to Aloe Vera content.

3. Water filling secret
    Makes your skin moist for a long time with fine mist spraying from Patented Nano Hyaluronic Acid plumper.

 How to Use :
Spray this mist in the distance of 20-30 cm away from your face while closing your eyes.
And pat lightly to make it absorbed in your skin.
Spray it frequently whenever your skin feels dry before/ after makeup.

Facial mist really cool down your face and hydrating your skin to make it more Ph Balance, it's became of my daily part of essential. For those of you who live in humid place just like me, Facial Mist is really refreshing to spray on your face. 

Actually i don't find the Baby Face Mist is different from another facial mist, but this one spray really well. The particle is really small and soft, it spray on me evenly. i have tried different facial mist, the particle is quite big and my face will ended really wet. But this one spray evenly on your face. :)

Sometimes, when i'm in hurry i use this facial mist as a toner to moisturize my skin, it works wonder for hydrating my face. The smell of this product is not to strong, it really have nice scent and soft. it really bright up my mood when i spray this all over my face

Facial mist also can be used before and after makeup. It cool down your face so your makeup will stay in place and longer and after your done your makeup, you spray this mist as a finishing to set and keep the makeup in place. 
Such a goodie that have many uses and benefits right?
Some of you may though the facial mist is really not worth the money because it's only water that sprayed all over your face. i do think the same way, not to mention the facial mist is quite expensive for a water. But my mind change when i first using it on my face, it really give you a glowing effect and it's so fun to spray it, i can't stop to keep spray it all the time because the cooling effect. 
Overall ,
(+) Hydrating and Moisturizing
(+) Travel Friendly
(+) Spray really well and evenly 
(+) Nice Scent

(-) Haven't found it yet :)

That's all, thank you for reading ^^

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  1. I love this mist!! But it emptied out so fast on me lol maybe I should just buy the big one! Glad that you like it too :)


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