Monday, June 9, 2014

My First Hair Coloring Experience

Hi Everyoneee........
i'm so excited to write about this post.
i just wanna to tell you about my new hair makeover...!!

Yes..!! Just like the Title, this post is about my experience about my hair which is yesterday i went to the salon and decided to get my hair done.

i got a hair cut and colored my hair, i choose a Warm Brown Color by L'oreal.
i Curled my hair a bit, just to give a texture.
 This is how the color lighten under the sunlight
Forgot to write the name, it's hard to describe the color itself. it will turn out very light brown under the light and dark mahogany without the light.
i'm quite satisfied for the results, just a little thing i didn't like about my hair color is the discoloration it makes under the light. The top of my hair will really Light Brown and the rest of my hair will looked black. So it look a bit dull. i don't know about other opinion, maybe it just me who feel that way. 

I Got mine hair done in HairCode Salon, Summarecon Mall Serpong. This is became my favorite salon, i always cut my hair in there, and never disappointed with the results. The place isn't very big but really Comfy with friendly and helpful Staff. 

At first, i really hesitate to get my hair done. i scared it will turn out bad and didn't match me. if so.. it completely disaster to me. i'm actually a shy and i didn't like to be the center of attention. 
That's why i don't want a very bright color to my hair. 

When stepped my feet in the salon, i convince myself to get coloring for my hair. No Regrets if the results turn out bad. Some of you may thing i was too much because of the small thing. 
i know.. it's only a hair. But i didn't think like that.. i do care about my appearance and what others think of me. 
if i think more further, i need to change myself. i will do something that i want and not care too much or scared about people opinion. i need to build more confidence in me :)

Anyway, enough for my little chit-chat, let's get back to the topic. ^^
it's really hard to me to choose the color, the consultation is quite long because i get confused with so many variety color to choose for. i want a natural brown color and the stylish recommend the really dark color that i think it doesn't much different  from my current colo?r. So i choose the hair color that is my current hair color now which is 6 level more lighter than my current hair. Level 1 is the blackest color in hair leveling, i don't remember that much actually so if i'm wrong please correct me. :)
I remember the my hair color code is 6.35 in warm brown.  

Does my hair looks just like the catalog..?

I think i should get 6.32 instead of 6.35 because i just realized it's too red instead of warm brown. Hehehe 

Coloring under progress, i look damn funny. 

        The coloring took around 2 hours to the color absorb completely to my hair, i'm so nervous with the results. And finally it is the time, the staff told me to wash my hair, i felt like : "OMG, this is it.. in the next few minutes, i'm gonna see how my hair turn out..!" When the staff washing my hair, i'm keep praying the results will turn out well just like i expected.

        After the staff completely washing my hair, they wrap with a towel so i haven't seen the results yet. Then i sit in the chair, looking myself in the mirror and wAt first i'm really shock about the color. it's really Light Brown, a bit orange i think... Argghh.. i feel like i want to scream...~!! HAHA Just Kidding :P

ondering how the color turn out. And yeah... the time has come... when the towel is unwrap from my head, finally i can see the color of my hair.

       But after they dried my hair, it slowly turn out better and darker. i loved the results, but the results doesn't look like the catalog, my hair is a bit orange reddish under the light. It's okay... i still love the color thought. My hair looks amazing and so bouncy after the staff blowed dry my hair. i really love the feeling after you went out from the salon, your hair so smooth, Smell really nice and your head feel so light like it's gonna fly. LOL

Here's more of picture of my hair : 

The color turn out really red under the sunlight:

Overall.... i love my hair now, and i don't regret my decision at all.. :) If you want try something to change your looks either it color your hair, get an extreme hair cut or else. i think you should go try it, it's worth it and you will feel so amazing with the results and proud of yourself! You never know until you try it right? 

That's the end of my post, i hope you enjoyed that,

Have a nice day everyone 
Thanks for reading ^^ ,


  1. Hi Lina!! I have also been planning a trip to the salon to color my hair again!! But I'm nervous that the salon will mess up because my hair is black on the top and light brown on the bottom and I'm afraid they will not fix it correctly :P

    Anyways, I LOVE how your hair looks!!! SO smooth and bouncy!! And the color looks really nice too :) I love the way you write and I added you to my Google Circles <3 Hope we can stay in touch :3

    ChocoKittieHK holidays
    xoxoxo, Cindy⭐︎☽

    1. Maybe you should do some research which salon is best for coloring, in indonesia especially in Jakarta, japanese salon is always the best in coloring and repairing damaged hair because they have an unique technology to offer to customer.

      Thank you so much for the compliment, it means so much :)
      I added you back anyway. Hope we know each other better in the future. ^^

    2. Yeah I wish I lived in Asia!! You guys have the best beauty salons :] I live in US so most of the salons are catered to Caucausian hair..

      Thanks Lina!! Of course!! Supporting you <3

  2. loove your hair Lina !
    love the color, love how bouncy it is and looks so smooth !!

    1. Thank you so much Cintami ^^
      I do love my hair.... i just realized i should tried it earlier... :)

      Thank you for visiting my blog :)

  3. Girl, found your blog and it's awesome! Your hair looks beautiful, love the color!

    I want to keep in touch with you. Let me know on my blog

    Laura Macij

  4. Sukaaaaa banget sama warnanya, sayangnya aku gak akan pernah bisa warnain rambutku u___u bukan karena aku cinta rambut hitamku, sayang aja rambutku tipe yang rontok habis, aku takut ntar malah tambah parah kalau di apa-apain.

    So, penyelamat hidupku cuma wig .___. senin pakai blonde, selasa pakai red wine, rabu pakai natural brown dll XD

    BTW, jempol banget buat kamu yang akhirnya memutuskan untuk mewarnai rambut <333

    1. hahahaha
      itu enaknya kalo pake wig... kalo bosen tinggal ganti2 aja.. perawatanny jga minimal... heheh tapi aku suka risih kalo pake wig gtu..

      Makasih banyaakkkk :*

  5. It looks so beautiful under the sunlight! :D
    Nice post ^^ I love L'oreal hair coloring too <3


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    1. Thank You angela :)
      really appreciate your comment, especially from a hair expert ^^

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