Thursday, June 26, 2014

Etude House Color My Brow #3 Review

Hi.. i'm back~!! 
it's really a longgggg time i didn't post anything in my blog.
Actually i got a lot of stuff to share with you all, but i don't have a time, i was very busy. My schedule this last week is very tight, a lot of assignment i should have finish and give a presentation. Such a tiring and hectic week.
Btw, from the previous post i have shared with you about my hair coloring. I do notice that my brow and my hair color didn't match each other, personally i think it looks quite weird but my friends said there not such a big deal, they didn't even notice it before i said the color is different. 
My Eyebrow pencil is too dark for my brown reddish hair, so i decided to look some product to solve my "problem". 

And my choice goes to :

"Etude House Color My Brow in Red Brown."

Product Details:
Product Name: Etude House Color My Brows
Nett: 4.5g
Code: #3
Color/Shade: Red Brown
Made in: Korea

it's a Brow Mascara that give a color to your brow. This product created because a lot of people especially in Korea dye their hair. So this product is really suitable for a people who want to give a color to their brow without dying the brow itself. 

The Mascara is not much different from Eyelash Mascara, it just slightly smaller in size and the brush is shorter.

The Packaging is made from plastic and have Etude House written on it, nothing special about the packaging anyway. 
Luckily it match my brow perfectly, it can be used alone without shaped your eyebrow first if you have thick and neat eyebrow. But for me, i used my "Etude House Drawing Eyebrow in Dark Brown" to shape my brow then top it off with the eyebrow mascara.

Here's a lot of picture of mine after wearing Etude House Color My Brow :

Overall,  it such a good product to try out, 

 + it give a quite nice color on my brow, no more black weird eyebrow. lol
 + it last quite long, i'm used it all day and the color still in there. Just need a little bit touch up. 
 + Cheap, one thing i loved about korean product is the price. it's quite reasonable la.. i'm always try
    cheap product for a practice then bought the expensive one if i'm already good on it.

- The point of the brush have quite a lot of excess product, sometimes it stuck on my brow and you
  have to blend it really well. I meant it... REALLY well...
  But it can be solve anyway, i always clean it up by remove the excess of the product on the tube.
   Then voila~ no more messy brow.

 That's all~ i didn't mind to purchase another tube for this mascara. it's quite good in quality and price. 
This Brow mascara is now a part of my daily routine to groom my brow, love it anyway :) 
If you have a same problem just like me, you should give this a try. 

Thank You for Reading :) 
See You!


  1. aku juga pake ini dulu tp yg no.4 pas rambutnya diwarnain coklat muda :D


    1. hahah emg lumayan bgt ya produkny :)
      kalo no.4 trllu terang di aku :)

  2. Alisnya bagus banget!!!! <333

    Dari dulu pingin nyobain ini, tapi setiap PO, entah kenapa aku selalu ketinggalan, alias barangku gak pernah kebeli sama olshop langganan .____. gak jodoh? #halah aku kan sering pakai wigku yang blonde itu sedangkan alisku hitam sekali, gak matching bok u___u

    Oh iya, sebaca aku ini kamu pakein dulu pensil alis, baru abis gitu dikasi yang maskara ini ya? huooo, kirain bisa langsung pakai maskaranya XD

    1. kalo pake langsung bisa sih.. tapi kurang rapi aja..
      kalo pake pensil alis di bentuk dlu.. baru di pakein mascara nyaa...

      cobain deh... lumayan banget jadi matching alisnyaa... :)

    2. Oooh iya bener juga sih ya, kalau gak pakai pensil alis jadi kurang rapi .___.

      Oke deh, wanti wanti si olshop langganan biar gak kelupaan lagi sama barang aku~


  3. waah
    alisnya tebal ya
    ternyata bagus juga ya
    aku dr dl mau coba maju mundur terus haha

    oya keberatan nggak kalau saling follow ?
    aku udah friend di google +


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