Sunday, June 8, 2014

Current Favorite Mascara : Maybelline The Rocket Volum Express Review

Hi Lovelies.....
it's really been a while i didn't update my blog, This week is very hectic and tiring because i got a lot of School Project that require survey, interview, etc. 
So... today i'm gonna review and introduce you to my favorite mascara...!!!

it's Maybelline The Rocket Volum Express

i've been using this for my daily makeup and you probably have seen it in my youtube video, if you haven't check my video, please check it out : Here ^^

 i love this mascara so much, it give you a length and volume in seconds!
i got mine in Blackest Black.
i'm really adore Maybelline mascaras, probably the best and cheap Drugstore mascara in the market.

The Packaging itself it's quite unique , instead of rocket shape, i thought the shape is just like a really long Rugby Ball  with a bright blue and Shocking pink color on it.
So Eye Catching ! +.+

Maybelline has develop a new and improved their brush. The brush is known as the supersonic brush, the bristles are made of plastic and spaced which promises to give you 8 times the volume from root to tip. Something special about this mascara is  definitely the unique brush that give you a clump free looking lashes.

Okay... Let's move on to the Application : ^^

My Short and Straight Lashes without Mascara
 As you can see, i have a short and straight like asian people have, a mascara is like a savior for our short lashes to added a volume and drama to an eyes. 

One Coat of Mascara
 The Mascara already show the result and doing a good job Added Length and Volume to my Lashes in very first layer of it. it's great right?
You can barely see my lashes are thicker and black. it doesn't clump at first coat, if you just like me who want a longer and volume lashes even though it will cause a spidery lashes and clump each other, you may need a generous amount of this mascara and few times application to make it more drama.

Two Coats of Mascara

The mascara itself claim that it is clump-free, it does... But after a few times application it does clump. After it dry, you gonna have a "crisp" feeling. Personally, it doesn't bother me anyway, but some people who doesn't like that "crisp" feeling, this mascara is may not for you. :)

So.. Does it Smudge-Proof..?

i love this mascara because it is easy to apply and it doesn't smudge, it last all day...  even you accidentally rub your eyes. it doesn't make you look like a panda on the end of the day. 

The plus point about this mascara is ... Easy to Remove, it comes off really very easily. No need to worry if you run out a remover, this mascara can be clean out with warm water.

What can make me doesn't love this mascara? 
It's da' BOMB.. <3

it's :
-Easy to Apply
-Unique brush,
-Give an instant volume and length to lashes
-Doesn't Smudge
-Last all day
-Easy to Remove

What's your favorite mascara? Please comment  down below ^^ i will gladly try it on.

Thanks for Reading :D


  1. wwoww love the result on your lashes !
    looks longer and thicker

    1. Yes... the results is amazing..
      plus.. it doesn't smudge :)
      Thank you for visiting my blog anyway ^^

  2. THIS IS my favorite mascara too! :D I regret buying other mascara because it didn't work as well for me like this mascara D: (followed your bloglovin btw, nice blog!)

    1. yess...!! this mascara is so amazing... it can reach almost my lashes even for my lower lashes without accidentally popping my eyes X.X
      i heard ZA mascara is great too... will try it out soon... ^^

      Thank you for visiting my blog, hope we can keep in touch in the future :)

  3. try they're real by benefit!
    it's lik but expensive so i buy a sample size
    but t's so amazing
    the result is good and natural
    the brush is can be used in 2 way

    1. I have been heard how people excited and tell how good this mascara.

      Wow... i never knew thay the brush can be used in 2 ways.
      Thank for the information ^^

  4. this mascara works amazing on you:D
    sebenernya udah lama pengen nyoba, tp karna masih ada beberapa mascara nunda mulu buat beli ini -_-
    thanks for coming on my blog yah, let's keep in touch ^^

  5. Bulu mataku juga tipis pendek, so asia.. Tp pernah coba pake ini ga terlalu efek T_T di kamu bagus ya~~ Nice review

  6. I love this mascara too xD
    Sampe borong langsung beli 3 xD
    Anw love your blog design <3
    Nice post ^^



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