Monday, May 26, 2014

Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm ( Vivacious ) Review

Hi Everyone... 
It's been a while right...
Today i wanna show my lippie addiction, 
which is :

Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm 

in "Vivacious" (120)
If you live in Indonesia, when you walk in any Department Store that have Revlon Booth, they were an advertising about this products. i know the product itself has been introduced in the market since early year of 2014, but it Indonesia it just started to promote this Crayon like lipstick. :)

i don't have a plan to shop something that day, but when i see the ad i got curious and went to Revlon Booth. Well, i didn't expect to much of this product. But... i ended up addicted to this product.

Keep reading if you want to find more about Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm... :)


First of all, let's move on to the Packaging itself,
i'm such a sucker for a pretty packaging product, How many of you bought a product just because the packaging is so pretty that i can't resist to buy this baby. This Packaging have a metallic and glossy bright pink color. 
Raise your hand for Pink Enthusiasm !! 

 Sometimes we willing to pay more for that  than the product itself even we don't need that stuff.
Who feel the way just like me??
i think the visual and packaging play an important part of company to present their product to attract customer to buy their product. 

Btw, the price it self is not really expensive, it's around IDR 70.000-80.000

Revlon itself offer three choice of their crayon lip, they are Matte one, Balm and Lacquer. I choose Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer than Matte and Balm, just because the packaging it self. lol
Silly me.

Like i said before, i choose Vivacious, 120. 
The Color itself is very pretty, it is a bright pink with red undertone on it. Shall we call it Fuchsia Color? 

Here's a swatch on my hand :

i only applied it one layer on my lips, and the color is so pigment  and creamy with a bit of glossy but not sticky. Because ColorBurst Lacquer Balm is a tinted balm, it stay quite nice on my lips and it's quite moisturizing.  If you don't eat or drink, it last 3-4 hours. So some of you might re-applied this, but personally i tend to like the color more when it's a bit sheer because the highly pigmented and bright this crayon.

In the daily, i would swipe it lightly and then blend it with my hand so it give a natural lips color without looking i'm wearing something on my lips. 
I like how lipstick can change our mood. As soon as i applied this, i felt more confident and happy. Hahaha

Here a picture of mine wearing Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm in Vivacious :)


Here's  my personal "Cons" about this product, when i applied this on my lips, i feel something minty smell and sensation on my lips but not very overwhelmed. At first, i think the mint smell is not really pleasant, it taste weird, how come a lipstick have a mint sensation on it??
I do like mint ice cream, but a mint on lipstick? it doesn't sound a great idea. Some of you may think it not a big deal or maybe you might like a mint sensation on it. For me, i don't really like it.

Now, after several times used it, i get used to it. The reason i kept using this is because the color itself. Such a gorgeous color!

I think you should give it a try, this product is quite affordable and worth to try despite the mint smell on it. 

Thanks for reading :)

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