Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Review

Hi everyone..... :)
it' me... Lina Paramita :D the author of this blog 
it's been awhile i didn't blog, i was so busy lately because of the exam. Today is the last day of the exam, and i'm so HAPPY! Hope the results turn out well, i did my best. I'm not really sure for what i just answer in the answer sheet. T^T 
Let's forget it anyway, to reward myself after the exam. I just bought some concealer, and finally i have  a chance to review about this product. 
Yes! i'm really NEED this baby to cover up my dark circle because of the tiredness of study all night long. it's getting really serious how my dark circle under my eyes turn out darker day by day.
Huft.....  Need to sleep a lot!
Move on to the Product :

The Box have a round 3 x 3 cm long, 

It have an ingredients written on it


The Packaging is really simple and travel friendly , the concealer came up with a round black case that have a Bobbi Brown named on it. 

On the back of the product, there a explanation of the shade. i choose mine in Sand, it match perfectly on my skin tone. 

Before i purchase this, the staff recommend me to buy their corrector because i don't have a heavy and really dark eye circle that day. But... when she applied on my under eye, it didn't match and blend on my skintone because the corrector tend to more peach color that have a function to neutralizing the dark circle. So, i decided to bought the Creamy Concealer instead of the Corrector.

Here for what it looks like, 

There's a little mirror on it, so it's easy to touch up anywhere you want or maybe you just want to check your makeup or else.

it's really hard to stick my finger in the concealer and ruin how pretty and smooth my new concealer, LOL :P

Here's my thought about this product after several times i use this concealer :

Just like the name, Creamy Concealer it is sure a really Creamy and Thick Concealer. The Thick Texture is in a good way, it doesn't cake under the eyes and it cover up my dark circle and instantly make me looks fresh ! 

Because of the SUPER Creamy and Thick Texture , The coverage is really High and Superb Pigmented. Not just work really well to cover under eye, But it works really well to cover up blemish too :) 

But because of the Thick Formula, it is a bit hard to put the product in the under eye. i found out that using a brush really help a lot to make a line or dot then dab with your finger! When using this product you have to slowly dab with you ring finger to blend out the Concealer and warm the product. It is really Recommend to dab than swap it ! 

The staying power is really long lasting it doesn't easily melt without the powder, if you bought the Concealer Kit, it contain the concealer and the powder to set the concealer and make it more long lasting. 
For me, i don't really need the powder because it tend to make it more cakey, i don't know if it is just me or else, everyone have different type of skin right?  And Hey.. I don't want to spend another money on the powder or products that make you look flat and cake right. 
Another alternative is, you can just use your Face Powder to set it if you don't have one.   


Overall, i'm quite Satisfied with the product, it became my favorite product on my collection instead it is little expensive for a small Product , but it really worth the price and the quality they offer. The product success to make me look fresher and younger because of the super coverage for heavy dark circle. 
Now i don't have to worry anymore if i woke up and realized i look like a zombie with a huge and dark fluffy eyes.
 For people who suffer a dark circle, this concealer might works well on you. So, start to save up if you have a tight budget to spend on Makeup Products.  

Please comment your favorite Concealer or have you tried Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer :)

Thanks for Reading , GOOD LUCK! 

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  1. wwoww looks like its a great product !
    such a shame that the powder in the concealer kit only made the concealer "cakey"


    1. Yes.. It's a great product.. ! You should try it.. it cover the dark circle really well...

      Maybe my skin is a bit dry so it cake me out, but personally without the powder itself it last me all day ^^

  2. Super tempting!! >_<



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