Friday, May 30, 2014

Kiehl's - Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque Review

Hi Everyone! 
So today i'm gonna review  Kiehl's - Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque , 

i'm always troubled with blackhead and whitehead around my T-zone especially around nose, it makes my pores looks bigger and ugly. i always looking for a product to get rid that suck things.

i tried to exfoliate it, get a facial, and using pore strip, but nothing makes me impress so much. Recently my sis bought this mask, she said it good for cleaning your pore especially blackhead. 
So, i give it a try to try this mask. 

Is it work for me? Stay Tuned :

The Packaging have a description on it, it claim :

A cleansing masque that helps to purify skin and visibly minimize pores. This thoroughly cleansing masque may be used for normal to oily skin types to help eliminate debris and dead surface skin cell accumulation that can clog pores and leave skin dull looking. With ingredients sources from the Marajo Islands, at the mouth of the Amazon River, this unique formula is rich in minerals and helps eliminate surface toxins from the skin.

Sound promising right ? 
A Clay masks that come from kind of Exotic Island at the mouth of the Amazon River. 

The color of this masks is not really different from usual Clay Masks in the market. When i smell the mask, it smell so clay and earthy. 
*LOL, actually i don't even know how real clay smell like. 

The Packaging it self is really simple, a strong and bulky jar. It's actually a pretty big masks and can last like forever, only need a small amount for entire face.

I applied it with my hand, the texture is very smooth and thick, but it is easy to spread. Just like chocolate spread, but in a white grayish color. 
I said when you smell the clay in the tube, the smell is really strong right? it's kinda disturbing me a bit, because i don't like weird smell.  I don't know if the other feels the same, maybe my nose is just to sensitive. 
I personally think that way, but i can handle it anyway, not a big deal.
But.. when i applied it on my face, the smell is quite sooting with earthy smell.

Easy to Spread :) , sorry for the bad picture. i think i need good camera instead using my phone.  :D

My sis already told me that you gonna have itchy feeling when applied on the skin, but i can't feel that way.... :(
I feel like BURNING, and HOT! 
i don't know why this happen on me, when i told to my sis, she just laugh and said : 
"Is it real? i don't feel that way... Just little Itchy."
The burning feeling faded eventually as the time pass, maybe it just some effect when the mask absorb  the oil and kill all those blackhead. 

          i keep the masks around 15 minutes, around that time the mask will dry and tight, you can touch your face and feel the mask is completely drying. The tightening feel is quite bearable, you can still talking once it dries. Very Comfortable, i even forgot i applied the masks until i look myself in the mirror. lol

          i wash my face with warm water, my face feel so fresh and clean after using this masks. But i don't feel a smooth feeling after using this mask. Usually when you wearing a masks you gonna feel your face is really smooth like a baby butt. I don't get that effect from this mask anyway.

         The good thing about this masks is.. it is really deep clean your pore, my pore looks a bit smaller and it clean out my whitehead and blackhead. Not entirely clean it all, but it does clean those things. i think i should regularly using it to really clean out my pore. Let's See!

-The smell is a bit unpleasant but still bearable, maybe it just me feel that way. :P
-I have a Love Hate Relationship about this product, it does clean out my pore but i just hate the feeling when applied this mask.
-i feel BURNING and HOT feeling, that's the effect i feel when using the masks when the others feel an itchy on their skin

That's the end of my review, please comment below if you have any experience when using this mask. Do you feel the way i feel? 

Thanks for Reading :D


  1. Kiehl's << kalau denger brandnya, yang terpikir di otakku adalah SUPER MAHAAAAAL XDDD~

    Pernah coba innisfree yang volcanic clay itu? Kira-kira bakalan bagus mana ya? Mau nyoba kiehl's sih dari dulu << berkat racun dari sodara sodari di inet, tapi ngeri sama harganya bok XDDD;; innisfree mungkin lebih terjangkau kali ya .__.

    1. emang barang2nya mahal semua yaa..
      should save up more :)
      tapi lumayan worth it sih mnrt ak..

      klo innisfree volcanic itu belum nyobain.. tapi kykny lumayan bagus deh
      banyak bgt review nya heheheheh

  2. Haloo salam kenal
    aku jugaaa feel burning so badly 😞 Aku dapet travel size nya karna beli produk kiehls lainnya
    And sadly, it didnt clean my pore as well ☹️


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