Thursday, April 17, 2014

How to Re-Use and Moisten Your Dry Mascara... (Tips and Trick)

Hi everyone ... 
So.. Today i wanna share some tips and tricks!

Everyone have a bad habit right? 
For me, i am so clumsy, careless and a big eater. 
Sometimes for some reason, i forgot what i just bought, until i found out my old stuff in my storage and i don't even remember i bought this. 

In my case, i found my mascara that i haven't been used lately, lying around with no purpose in my mess drawer. And when you open it, it's DRY! :( 

Just imagine how sad you are when your smooth mascara turns out to be dry, clumpy and ugly on your lashes.

If you're just like me, today tips i wanna share to you guys is just perfect!  

" How to Re-Use and Moisten Your Dry Mascara! "

it's so easy and simple to do ! 

Here's what you need :
1.  A Dry Mascara 
2.  Any Eye Drop or Saline Solution(a Water for Contact Lenses) 

3.  Add 4-5 drops of Eyedrop or Saline into the bottle , 
    You can add a few more drops, It depends how much your dry mascara is until you feel better. 

4. Insert the Wand, then Shake the Bottle, as hard as you can :D

5. VOILA... No more Dry Mascara Ladies.... 


Here's a picture of swatch my dry mascara on my hands before i added the Eyedrops , 

After i added the Eyedrops, 
(Above : Added , Bottom : Before Added)

NOTE : For a Hygiene, just make sure your mascara is not more than 6 months, if it started to smell weird. Don't hesitate to throw it out. We don't want any eye infection, or anything that can make our eyes uncomfortable, prepare for the worst ! 

Here's the end of the post, i hope you guys enjoy this tips and GOOD LUCK!
Thanks for Reading :)

Lina Paramita

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