Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Trends 2014

It's me Lina Paramita 
Spring is in the air everyone...... :) 
Do you feel the hype around you, there so many new makeup collection with pretty color and the bright , pastel floral print wardrobe  that broke my pocket lately, 

Lina Paramita  know when you live in same season everyday, especially those of you who live in Indonesia, just like me.  You can't wear cool Winter Coat,  High Boots or feel how beautiful Autumn when leaves starting to turn yellow.
But it's okay anyway, i LOVE summer. 
So today post is about SPRING! 
This year Spring Color is about PINK and PEACH. *my all time favorite colors :)   
Spring Makeup key point is Bright and Clean Looks, so no thick eyeliner or dark smokey Makeup. We want to achieve Sweet, Feminine Looks. 

You can totally rock with Bright Pink Fuchsia Lipstick just like Song Hye Kyo rocks with the looks, she looks absolutely gorgeous with super perfect skin. *Envy 

Here's a picture of YSL Flower Crush Collection for Spring 2014. Prettyyyyyyy!!!!!  #IWantTHAT !
Lina Paramita will put that into my wishlist!


Here's a look i created for Spring 2014

And Yeah, Pastel Nail Polish is never go wrong! Try a Orange Nail Polish and you will realize how much it grab everyone attention to your hands.
For  a Blush Grab a Pink color blushes for a fresh and youthful looking face. Dior Rosy Glow is a great blushes to try, i have read a good review about this blush. Hopefully i can buy this babies soon! 

Not to forget the fragrance, because spring is identical with flower. Here's a Valentina by Valentino perfume with a Nice yet Lovable Scent of Flower. For those flower scent lover, just like me :). This perfume is a Superb! 
  A Simple Cute T-Shirt and a pair of color Jeans is perfect for a Easy yet Comfortable and Stylish to enjoy the breeze of spring. Grab your favorite heels for more an eye-catching Looks. Not forget to add some Accessorize to make your looks more fun and colorful!   
Thanks for Reading ! 
Don't be scared to Experiment. :D

Lina Paramita
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