Friday, April 11, 2014

My Beauty Diary Sheet Masks Review

Hi Everyone.. 

This is Me .. Lina Paramita

so today i'm gonna review about sheet mask from Taiwan. it is :

" My Beauty Diary Mask- 我的美麗日記"

My Beauty Diary Mask is very popular among the girls especially in Taiwan and China, the popularity of this mask has reach till Asian Market because the benefits and the after effects when using the mask. But in Indonesia,  only a few people know this brand because the distribution and the awareness of this product is really low.

There so many variety to choose with different results for each mask, you just have to choose with your current need.

i prefer face sheet masks than the cream one because it is less messy, you just have to stick it on your face then enjoy! 

Back to the Review, yesterday i tried My Beauty Diary: Lemon Vit-C Mask  , what they claim :

"My Beauty Diary Vit-C Mask contains rich of vitamin C content from Mediterranean lemon essence, it gives you a mild way to refine, retexturize skin and keep the fair brightening tone with natural skin luminosity."

In front of the mask it self, it is written that this mask is  : Complete Brightening Luminously.

This is how the mask look like when you open it… 
It is very wet because the serum is so much!! This Mask is really give you a generous amount of serum,  not forget to mention the natural serum this mask provide. 

Like an usually mask, this is how the shape looks like… :) 
PS: i always think that mask is funny and a bit creepy when you lay it on flat surface just like the picture.

The Mask it self protected by another plastic mask, because the mask is super thin…!! (plus point)
it is really easy to put on your face.

More close up picture
* sorry for the mess, the mask is not well attached with plastic mask because i already take it off before i take a photo. So i have to re-attached it again :P 

This is how Lina Paramita looks like when you apply the mask on your face. As you can see, the mask is almost transparent because the super very thin sheet and the generous amount of Natural Serum.

i'm wearing this mask for 20 minutes, the mask itself will became white when it dry, because our skin have absorb the serum from the masks. After remove the mask, i usually massage my face for assist absorbtion

You will find a cooling feeling when you put the masks on your face for a second even you didn't put it on the fridge. 

From left to right ( Bird Nest, Lemon and Black Caviar )

i have tried another series of Beauty Diary Masks and i'm quite satisfied by the results, and i think that the results itself is quite same, it does moisturizing and my skin is really soft and elastic. 

There's different smell of each Masks, they have a really pleasant smell but the most memorable scent i have tried from this masks is Sake and Wine Series (which is i forgot to take a picture).  The masks have a strong alcohol smell, and i'm not lying…. i'm really mean it! The smell is really just like sake you drink on japanese restaurant, so you have REAL kind of imagination when using this masks. 


the masks does what they claims, but the results is not an instant. You won't find you face will became whitener or any dark spot is gone for 1 application. You have to use it frequently to achieve the best results. 

You will find your face is really moist and soft, and the skin will thank for you because a fresh feeling after using the masks. 

Because of the generous amount of serum, if you have a left over, you can use it for a toner after you washing your face next day. 
For a sheet mask lover, you have to try Beauty Diary Masks because it really worth to try! No wonder it is really popular and became the hottest sell mask in Asia. 

Thanks for Reading ^^

Lina Paramita 

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