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My Current BB Cream and CC Cream

This is Lina Paramita, the Author!
So Today i'm gonna review some of my current Base Makeup. As you all know, Base Makeup is the very FIRST step of Makeup. For daily makeup routine, i've been use BB Cream and it's already became my Favorite Item. Because the formula is very light, compare when you using foundation for your daily makeup. Even i never been use foundation before, but i heard that when you wearing foundation, there's a heavy feeling in your face.


So.. Here's a picture of my BB and CC Cream, 
And ya... i know all of them is Korean Brand Product, 

Here's the name of the product i've been used : *(From Left to Right)

1. M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++ 
2. BRTC Gold Caviar BB Cream SPF50/PA+++ 
3. BRTC Jasmine 3D Waterful CC Cream 35g SPF50+/ PA+++ 
4. Etude House CC Cream SPF30/PA++ in Silky 

Swatches on Lina Paramita Hand
(CC Cream usually in white shade which will change to your own skin tone  after you applied it on you face)

And here my opinion about this product:

1. M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++  

LOVE LOVE LOVE, i love this BB Cream so much, the texture, coverage and Oil Control was Great!

i'm really love using this BB Cream since i first used it. The Texture is very Creamy and it's really easy to blend on your face. You can use your finger or brush to use, personally i using my finger because it is more convient and didn't waste the product. i'm really lazy to wash my brush everytime i want to use it. 

From the swatches above, we can see that the shade is a bit darker than other BB Cream. But when you use it on your face, it will oxidize and match your skintone in a minute.  The Shade i'm using is No.23 (Natural Beige).  

After Application:

 The BB Cream even Out my face, no white cast, it just blend perfectly, it smaller my pores than usual and the hide my redness around my nose. Usually, when you using Korean BB Cream, it will give you a dewy finish, but this one give you a Matte Finish look. 

The Oil Control is quite nice, it last for 4- 5 hours on my face, it just slightly oily around my T-Zone which is my nose and my forehead. i have a Combination Skin :)

Overall,  i'm really satisfied with this product, i haven't seen any negative thing about this BB Cream, and i absolutely would be re-purchase this BB Cream again. For the one who haven't use BB Cream before or have a mind to try BB Cream. i would Recommend this one, because the price and the quality is really worh to try. :) 

2. BRTC Gold Caviar BB Cream SPF50/PA+++ 

The Second BB Cream that i'm gonna review is BRTC Caviar BB Cream, i interest with this BB Cream because the SPF which is very High! SPF50! I think it really suitable for Indonesia weather which very HOT! Everyday is Summer Time~~

When i first use it on my face, spread with my finger and i'm really really amaze with the Coverage. i'm just use a tiny bit of it and it already covered my pimples i had that day. I think it because the Texture is very Thick and Creamy that makes the coverage really good. Like a usual BB Cream, it give you a Glowy finish with a bit white cast.

But... one thing i didn't like for this BB Cream is the smell...! The smell of the BB Cream is not quite pleasant. it smell like a rubber, i don't know how to describe it. Maybe it's because of the Caviar that makes this BB Cream smell weird. But it's okay.. i can tolerate the smell, it last for a minute after i applied on my face.  

From the Oil Control, i think it doesn't last very long. it makes my skin get oily faster than i usually wear my other BB Cream. i have heard from my sister that product that have high SPF tend to produce Oil on our face. So.. no wonder my face get oily for around 4 hours.

BRTC have many lines in their BB Cream, i have tried their sample before, it's BB Cream Jasmine the packaging is purple and the smell is very Jasmine! Just like their named.  Would Try it Soon if I have a Chance :D

Overall,  if you searching for higher SPF and coverage, this BB Cream may works for you, it have Healthy Glowy Effect when you applied. This BB Cream may not works great on people who have an oily skin and people who have sensitive nose for a bit weird smell.

3. BRTC Jasmine 3D Waterful CC Cream 35g SPF50+/ PA+++ 

CC Cream or  Color Correct Cream is known for a innovation of BB Cream, just like it named, the benefits of using CC Cream is to Correct your skin color. and the formula is a different from BB Cream.

The Texture is more runny and they just have one color which is white shade. When i first using this CC Cream, i surprise with it because it doesn't really coverage my blemish or redness around my nose. But i do feel that my face became more white and glowy. it blend smoothly on my face because it doesn't as thick as BB Cream.

For people who want a higher coverage, i think CC Cream is not a perfect product for you, because of the lower coverage. But Plus point for this CC Cream is they have a high SPF and Moisturize, the moisturize level is higher than BB Cream. The Oil Control is nice because my face not oily really fast.  
For those of you who have a nice skin or doesn't higher coverage, CC Cream is a product you have to tried!

4. Etude House CC Cream SPF30/PA++ in Silky 

For the last one of this post is, CC Cream for Etude House. They have to variant which Silky and Glow, i choose Silky for oily Skin instead of Glow for dry skin.

First Impression when using this CC Cream is, my face became very white pale which i really hate, because it doesn't look natural at all. The Texture is not to runny and if you watch it closely you can see a glitter thing on the Cream. i'm confused when i found my hand have a small glitter, and i just remember that i touch my face sometimes, so the glitter stick on my hand. 

Because this is for oily skin, when i'm use it, it doesn't feel really moist and sticky.  And i have to give a thumb for the Oil Control because my face is still quite matte for 5 hours

Like the other CC Cream, the coverage is low and you still need a concealer to erase some blemishes. but to coverage the pores , this CC Cream do the Job!

Overall , for those of you have a oily skin, you can give it a try for this CC Cream. if you doesn't like glitter or scare the glitter will give you a super bling bling face, you don't have to worry because it doesn't very visible.


That's all guys, the review about my Base Makeup for daily use. i prefer using BB Cream than CC Cream because i still need the coverage, even the benefits is more than BB Cream.

 Thank You for Reading :)
Lina Paramita 

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