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Hi... it's me Lina Paramita
 i just made today, now you can ask me anything you want without knowing who you are :)

Whether it is to get to know more about me or any Tips or Trick about beauty i can share for you
Hopefully i can answer each of questions you all asked to me.. 

Just ask me anything! 

i think this app is very suitable for "Kepo".. hihihi

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Trends 2014

It's me Lina Paramita 
Spring is in the air everyone...... :) 
Do you feel the hype around you, there so many new makeup collection with pretty color and the bright , pastel floral print wardrobe  that broke my pocket lately, 

Lina Paramita  know when you live in same season everyday, especially those of you who live in Indonesia, just like me.  You can't wear cool Winter Coat,  High Boots or feel how beautiful Autumn when leaves starting to turn yellow.
But it's okay anyway, i LOVE summer. 
So today post is about SPRING! 
This year Spring Color is about PINK and PEACH. *my all time favorite colors :)   
Spring Makeup key point is Bright and Clean Looks, so no thick eyeliner or dark smokey Makeup. We want to achieve Sweet, Feminine Looks. 

You can totally rock with Bright Pink Fuchsia Lipstick just like Song Hye Kyo rocks with the looks, she looks absolutely gorgeous with super perfect skin. *Envy 

Here's a picture of YSL Flower Crush Collection for Spring 2014. Prettyyyyyyy!!!!!  #IWantTHAT !
Lina Paramita will put that into my wishlist!


Here's a look i created for Spring 2014

And Yeah, Pastel Nail Polish is never go wrong! Try a Orange Nail Polish and you will realize how much it grab everyone attention to your hands.
For  a Blush Grab a Pink color blushes for a fresh and youthful looking face. Dior Rosy Glow is a great blushes to try, i have read a good review about this blush. Hopefully i can buy this babies soon! 

Not to forget the fragrance, because spring is identical with flower. Here's a Valentina by Valentino perfume with a Nice yet Lovable Scent of Flower. For those flower scent lover, just like me :). This perfume is a Superb! 
  A Simple Cute T-Shirt and a pair of color Jeans is perfect for a Easy yet Comfortable and Stylish to enjoy the breeze of spring. Grab your favorite heels for more an eye-catching Looks. Not forget to add some Accessorize to make your looks more fun and colorful!   
Thanks for Reading ! 
Don't be scared to Experiment. :D

Lina Paramita
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easy Smokey Eye Makeup | Monolids :)

Hi... It's me again... Lina Paramita 

Another Video on Youtube!
Please kindly and Check, Thank You :D

This is my Second Tutorial Video, 

it's so easy to make this looks, perfect for Beginner and Monolids or having Asian Eyes just like me.. :) 
i, Lina Paramita filmed this video before i went with my friends, and the weather that day is not so bright.. That's why the lighting is a bit bad...
Sorry about that... 
 Lina Paramita know it's hard to put an Eyeshadow for our Monolids Eyes, but you just have to keep practice and find which one is perfect for your eye shape..
You don't know how terrible my eyes when i first time applied an eyeshadow , And how i wish i have a double eyelid just like the others. 
Now, i'm quite happy and satisfied with myself. it's really fun to try something new and you can find your own unique technique! :)
So, Keep Trying Girls!
Through this video i hope you enjoy my tutorial and it inspire those of you who have monolids just like me, Keep practice Makeup and Loving it! 
Thanks for watching. Thank You for those of you read my Post until the end. :P LOL
Product Used :
Revlon PhotoReady™ Concealer, Light 002
M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++
Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil in Light Brown
Black Eyelid Tape
Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Yves Saint Laurent- Rouge Volupte Shine , No. 14
theBalm Mary Lou Manizer Luminizer - Highlight Powder
Maybelline Volum'Express The Rocket Mascara
Sigma Large Angled Contour Brush F40- Make Me Blush Collection
Sigma Pencil Brush- E30
Sigma EyeShading- E55
Sigma Small Angle -E65
Sigma Tapered Blending- E40
Too Faced In Your Dreams Makeup Palette :
Dark Brown Eyeshadow : Rapture
Light Pink Eyeshadow : Pink Peacock
Blush : Wanna Play?
Lina Paramita 
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How to Re-Use and Moisten Your Dry Mascara... (Tips and Trick)

Hi everyone ... 
So.. Today i wanna share some tips and tricks!

Everyone have a bad habit right? 
For me, i am so clumsy, careless and a big eater. 
Sometimes for some reason, i forgot what i just bought, until i found out my old stuff in my storage and i don't even remember i bought this. 

In my case, i found my mascara that i haven't been used lately, lying around with no purpose in my mess drawer. And when you open it, it's DRY! :( 

Just imagine how sad you are when your smooth mascara turns out to be dry, clumpy and ugly on your lashes.

If you're just like me, today tips i wanna share to you guys is just perfect!  

" How to Re-Use and Moisten Your Dry Mascara! "

it's so easy and simple to do ! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Alternative way to Remove Makeup without Makeup Remover !

Hi everyone..
i'm back with some tips today! 

Cleansing Makeup is the most important step for our SkinCare, If we didn't clean our Makeup properly it can cause a congested skin which will lead to breakouts, puffiness around the eyes and for the worst thing ever, especially for me.. it can cause a whitehead or blackhead. Which is we really hate it! :P

Proper cleansing Makeup ensures your skin looks younger and healthier for longer! a Good Skin can make our Makeup Routine faster and didn't waste any Concealer or Foundation to hide our imperfection.

For those of you who have a little budget for Makeup, buying bottle after bottle Makeup Remover can get pricey after awhile, and it might not even work as well as you want it to. 

Here a alternative for you to remove makeup or if you run out your remover :
"BABY OIL..! "

Friday, April 11, 2014

My Beauty Diary Sheet Masks Review

Hi Everyone.. 

This is Me .. Lina Paramita

so today i'm gonna review about sheet mask from Taiwan. it is :

" My Beauty Diary Mask- 我的美麗日記"

My Beauty Diary Mask is very popular among the girls especially in Taiwan and China, the popularity of this mask has reach till Asian Market because the benefits and the after effects when using the mask. But in Indonesia,  only a few people know this brand because the distribution and the awareness of this product is really low.

There so many variety to choose with different results for each mask, you just have to choose with your current need.

i prefer face sheet masks than the cream one because it is less messy, you just have to stick it on your face then enjoy! 

Back to the Review, yesterday i tried My Beauty Diary: Lemon Vit-C Mask  , what they claim :

"My Beauty Diary Vit-C Mask contains rich of vitamin C content from Mediterranean lemon essence, it gives you a mild way to refine, retexturize skin and keep the fair brightening tone with natural skin luminosity."

In front of the mask it self, it is written that this mask is  : Complete Brightening Luminously.

This is how the mask look like when you open it… 
It is very wet because the serum is so much!! This Mask is really give you a generous amount of serum,  not forget to mention the natural serum this mask provide. 

Like an usually mask, this is how the shape looks like… :) 
PS: i always think that mask is funny and a bit creepy when you lay it on flat surface just like the picture.

The Mask it self protected by another plastic mask, because the mask is super thin…!! (plus point)
it is really easy to put on your face.

More close up picture
* sorry for the mess, the mask is not well attached with plastic mask because i already take it off before i take a photo. So i have to re-attached it again :P 

This is how Lina Paramita looks like when you apply the mask on your face. As you can see, the mask is almost transparent because the super very thin sheet and the generous amount of Natural Serum.

i'm wearing this mask for 20 minutes, the mask itself will became white when it dry, because our skin have absorb the serum from the masks. After remove the mask, i usually massage my face for assist absorbtion

You will find a cooling feeling when you put the masks on your face for a second even you didn't put it on the fridge. 

From left to right ( Bird Nest, Lemon and Black Caviar )

i have tried another series of Beauty Diary Masks and i'm quite satisfied by the results, and i think that the results itself is quite same, it does moisturizing and my skin is really soft and elastic. 

There's different smell of each Masks, they have a really pleasant smell but the most memorable scent i have tried from this masks is Sake and Wine Series (which is i forgot to take a picture).  The masks have a strong alcohol smell, and i'm not lying…. i'm really mean it! The smell is really just like sake you drink on japanese restaurant, so you have REAL kind of imagination when using this masks. 


the masks does what they claims, but the results is not an instant. You won't find you face will became whitener or any dark spot is gone for 1 application. You have to use it frequently to achieve the best results. 

You will find your face is really moist and soft, and the skin will thank for you because a fresh feeling after using the masks. 

Because of the generous amount of serum, if you have a left over, you can use it for a toner after you washing your face next day. 
For a sheet mask lover, you have to try Beauty Diary Masks because it really worth to try! No wonder it is really popular and became the hottest sell mask in Asia. 

Thanks for Reading ^^

Lina Paramita 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Everyday Makeup Tutorial | Monolids Eyes

Hi Everyone..
Today post is a little bit special :) 
Let me introduce you,

This is my first Video... *yuhuu~~
i'm quite nervous to film this actually.. i'm too shy..
First of all, i have a asian monolids eyes... i know some of you who have monolids just like me.. have suffering wearing Makeup because of our eye shape that makes everything look weird when using Makeup.. especially Eyeshadow!!

Through this video i'm gonna teach you, how my everyday Makeup for daily looks using my HOLY GRAIL STUFF EVER!!! 


it's just like a savior for a lazy people like me and my trouble mono lids eyes..
You don't have to waste an eyeliner because we are.. monolids people tend to wear thick eyeliner.
Because of it i have to draw 0.5 cm thick eyeliner, if i just make a tiny line... you can't see anything on my eyes.

i'm happy i found this product, i give this a best innovative product ever award!
i do know i looks different when using Makeup... That's the power of Makeup right? so don't judge me please.... :(

Awkward pose :P
Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner
OLAY natural white, all in one facial lotion
Revlon PhotoReady™ Concealer, Light 002
M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++
Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil in Light Brown
Made in China Black Eyelid Sticker
Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Benefits Posietint Lip Tint
theBalm Mary Lou Manizer Luminizer - Highlight Powder
Maybelline Volum'Express The Rocket Mascara
Sigma Large Angled Contour Brush- Make Me Blush Collection
Too Faced In Your Dreams Makeup Palette - Girly Show

instument music:
Apink- Mr. Chu

Hope this video help you out! - THANK YOU!

if you want watch it on youtube, just type my name : Lina Paramita :D

blog :
instagram: linaparamita


Lina Paramita

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Current BB Cream and CC Cream

This is Lina Paramita, the Author!
So Today i'm gonna review some of my current Base Makeup. As you all know, Base Makeup is the very FIRST step of Makeup. For daily makeup routine, i've been use BB Cream and it's already became my Favorite Item. Because the formula is very light, compare when you using foundation for your daily makeup. Even i never been use foundation before, but i heard that when you wearing foundation, there's a heavy feeling in your face.


So.. Here's a picture of my BB and CC Cream, 
And ya... i know all of them is Korean Brand Product, 

Here's the name of the product i've been used : *(From Left to Right)

1. M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++ 
2. BRTC Gold Caviar BB Cream SPF50/PA+++ 
3. BRTC Jasmine 3D Waterful CC Cream 35g SPF50+/ PA+++ 
4. Etude House CC Cream SPF30/PA++ in Silky 

Swatches on Lina Paramita Hand
(CC Cream usually in white shade which will change to your own skin tone  after you applied it on you face)

And here my opinion about this product:

1. M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++  

LOVE LOVE LOVE, i love this BB Cream so much, the texture, coverage and Oil Control was Great!

i'm really love using this BB Cream since i first used it. The Texture is very Creamy and it's really easy to blend on your face. You can use your finger or brush to use, personally i using my finger because it is more convient and didn't waste the product. i'm really lazy to wash my brush everytime i want to use it. 

From the swatches above, we can see that the shade is a bit darker than other BB Cream. But when you use it on your face, it will oxidize and match your skintone in a minute.  The Shade i'm using is No.23 (Natural Beige).  

After Application:

 The BB Cream even Out my face, no white cast, it just blend perfectly, it smaller my pores than usual and the hide my redness around my nose. Usually, when you using Korean BB Cream, it will give you a dewy finish, but this one give you a Matte Finish look. 

The Oil Control is quite nice, it last for 4- 5 hours on my face, it just slightly oily around my T-Zone which is my nose and my forehead. i have a Combination Skin :)

Overall,  i'm really satisfied with this product, i haven't seen any negative thing about this BB Cream, and i absolutely would be re-purchase this BB Cream again. For the one who haven't use BB Cream before or have a mind to try BB Cream. i would Recommend this one, because the price and the quality is really worh to try. :) 

2. BRTC Gold Caviar BB Cream SPF50/PA+++ 

The Second BB Cream that i'm gonna review is BRTC Caviar BB Cream, i interest with this BB Cream because the SPF which is very High! SPF50! I think it really suitable for Indonesia weather which very HOT! Everyday is Summer Time~~

When i first use it on my face, spread with my finger and i'm really really amaze with the Coverage. i'm just use a tiny bit of it and it already covered my pimples i had that day. I think it because the Texture is very Thick and Creamy that makes the coverage really good. Like a usual BB Cream, it give you a Glowy finish with a bit white cast.

But... one thing i didn't like for this BB Cream is the smell...! The smell of the BB Cream is not quite pleasant. it smell like a rubber, i don't know how to describe it. Maybe it's because of the Caviar that makes this BB Cream smell weird. But it's okay.. i can tolerate the smell, it last for a minute after i applied on my face.  

From the Oil Control, i think it doesn't last very long. it makes my skin get oily faster than i usually wear my other BB Cream. i have heard from my sister that product that have high SPF tend to produce Oil on our face. So.. no wonder my face get oily for around 4 hours.

BRTC have many lines in their BB Cream, i have tried their sample before, it's BB Cream Jasmine the packaging is purple and the smell is very Jasmine! Just like their named.  Would Try it Soon if I have a Chance :D

Overall,  if you searching for higher SPF and coverage, this BB Cream may works for you, it have Healthy Glowy Effect when you applied. This BB Cream may not works great on people who have an oily skin and people who have sensitive nose for a bit weird smell.

3. BRTC Jasmine 3D Waterful CC Cream 35g SPF50+/ PA+++ 

CC Cream or  Color Correct Cream is known for a innovation of BB Cream, just like it named, the benefits of using CC Cream is to Correct your skin color. and the formula is a different from BB Cream.

The Texture is more runny and they just have one color which is white shade. When i first using this CC Cream, i surprise with it because it doesn't really coverage my blemish or redness around my nose. But i do feel that my face became more white and glowy. it blend smoothly on my face because it doesn't as thick as BB Cream.

For people who want a higher coverage, i think CC Cream is not a perfect product for you, because of the lower coverage. But Plus point for this CC Cream is they have a high SPF and Moisturize, the moisturize level is higher than BB Cream. The Oil Control is nice because my face not oily really fast.  
For those of you who have a nice skin or doesn't higher coverage, CC Cream is a product you have to tried!

4. Etude House CC Cream SPF30/PA++ in Silky 

For the last one of this post is, CC Cream for Etude House. They have to variant which Silky and Glow, i choose Silky for oily Skin instead of Glow for dry skin.

First Impression when using this CC Cream is, my face became very white pale which i really hate, because it doesn't look natural at all. The Texture is not to runny and if you watch it closely you can see a glitter thing on the Cream. i'm confused when i found my hand have a small glitter, and i just remember that i touch my face sometimes, so the glitter stick on my hand. 

Because this is for oily skin, when i'm use it, it doesn't feel really moist and sticky.  And i have to give a thumb for the Oil Control because my face is still quite matte for 5 hours

Like the other CC Cream, the coverage is low and you still need a concealer to erase some blemishes. but to coverage the pores , this CC Cream do the Job!

Overall , for those of you have a oily skin, you can give it a try for this CC Cream. if you doesn't like glitter or scare the glitter will give you a super bling bling face, you don't have to worry because it doesn't very visible.


That's all guys, the review about my Base Makeup for daily use. i prefer using BB Cream than CC Cream because i still need the coverage, even the benefits is more than BB Cream.

 Thank You for Reading :)
Lina Paramita